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Established in the year 2001, Aquakelvin is amongst the preeminent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Packaged Drinking Water in southern India. Aquakelvin was founded to create positive change for not only the environment, but also for people in need. Our company has been registered under the Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS ).These virtues of modesty, harmony, pleasantness, humility and patience reflect a wholesome lifestyle that embraces the Aquakelvin connection of land, water and people.

Aquakelvin take immense pride in our unique and primal bond with nature. We embraced this symbiotic relationship with the environment for few years now and take this responsibility seriously. Our Passionate commitment towards providing clean, safe and tasty water has made us a reliable source in the industry within a very short span of time. The packaged drinking water that we offer is available in bottles of various sizes ranging from 250ml to the 20 L. Every single drop of water undergoes through our stringent process of multiple stages of purification, ozonised, right proportion of minerals and finally the exclusive closure is the perfect finishing touch for a package looking to make a remarkable statement. In fact, our protected quality control experts monitored many times a day to ensure the artesian water is safe and of extremely high quality.

We were very pleased to say that we already meet or exceeded quality expectations and tough standards set by BIS. We are happy to answer any questions and provide any information requested by the public or any organizations. 

We love to talk about the quality of our water.

Extending Our Arms in the Digital World

We proudly announce that Aquakelvin is the first company in Hyderabad that facilitates package mineral water to book online, were customer just spend 60 sec to plan and we take great pride in delivering our customer to enrich the paradise experience. We are keen on enveloping our vast customer base through our online presence thereby opening our wings to reach our customers where they are the most comfortable and easily approachable. We are thankful to our digital marketing partners “Digital SEO” who help us in extending into the digital world. 


WE take the responsibility of protecting this pristine and priceless natural source and the water that flows from it very responsibly.

WE pledge to never alter, damage or destroy in quality standards

WE deem ourselves “ Water Stewards “ and as such this is OUR PLEDGE…

·         To fiercely protect and Preserve the Sanctity of Nature’s Most Extraordinary Gift of Life     for All of Time.

·           A Sacrifice Honoured in Perpetuity.

·         To be Laudable and Worthy Stewards

·         To prove that Business and the Environment can exist together, in Harmony, Responsibly, Sustainably and with minimum influence.

In Mother Nature’s eyes, to provide the gift most necessary for human existence on planet       Earth in its Purest and Most Natural form Without Which, All Life would cease .The Primary Element in the “Blood” of every living thing, Aquakelvin is honoured to be part of this heavenly culture and endeavours to live by its values and philosophy in how we work, the products we make, and the people we serve. We do business with uncompromising ethics. 

When you purchase our precious Aquakelvin Water you join with us in carrying forward this pledge and hence the legacy continuous.

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250 ML Pet Bottle

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500 ML Pet Bottle

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20 L Bubble

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